Tuesday, July 12, 2011

O'Neill 3521

Do you need O'Neill Skins Long Sleeve Crew (White ).

Sizing and a Little ExpensiveBy MichaelAfter reading the sizing comments I was a little nervous about picking the right size.I typically wear a medium t-shirt, am approx 6'1", 170#.I ended up selecting the Large but after trying it on and moving around in water, I suspect the Medium would have done me fine.Sure the shirt is a a lot tighter than a Hanes t-shirt but in the water the material seems to have a lot of give.Only when I paid close attention could I tell there was extra room around the arm pits and there was some movement in the ... » More Information about O'Neill Skins Long Sleeve Crew (White ).

Price: $37.95 - $39.95 » Check Discount Price.

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